Humanity Place in Nature

1. On the off chance that you glance around, all that we see can be placed into one of the accompanying four orders:

i. Material Order-model : soil, water, air, etc.

ii. Plant/Bio Order – model : grass, plants, trees, blossoms, organic products, etc.

iii. Creature Order – model: creature, birds, etc.

iv. Human Order – model : human being.

2. Every last one of us can perceive this load of four orders around ourselves and see that together these four orders contain every one of the units that we see and comprehend around us.

3. On close investigation of these orders, we can without much of a stretch see that aside from human request, the initial three orders are interconnected.

4. The connection between the initial three orders is so that they all satisfy one another and exist together with each other.

5. On taking a gander at the connectedness with individuals, we find that:

i. Every one of these three orders is satisfying to the human order.

ii. Human normal acknowledgment to be commonly satisfying these entities.

6. Nonetheless, we can't guarantee this shared fulfillment.

7. We are reliant upon the material request for soil, minerals and metals yet just wind up contaminating the dirt and draining the petroleum derivative, metals, etc.

8. We are reliant of creatures to do our creation and transportation exercises, yet additionally made numerous creature species extinct.

9. Then again, on the off chance that we investigate our normal acknowledgment, we find that we need to live agreeably with nature.

10. This is significant for our own happiness.

11. These relationship we should be appropriately understand.

At the principal phases of human existence on the Earth, the primary design is to develop, however today, sadly!, deconstruct, and the lighting proof for this deconstruction is for instance environmental change, aggregation of polymeric and plastic waste on the earth (a great many tons consistently!), so we as human need to reevaluate about our planet future and supporting all worldwide endeavors in this respects like the last highest point of top G20 countries.I desire to partake in drawing another GREEN WORLD once more. the intention is relying upon whether we are just zeroing in on this actual world or we additionally expand our viewpoint to incorporate what will occur after we have passed on in this actual world. We realize that we individuals need to carry on with the human existence cycle including: birth, development, affliction & death.
Some individuals accept there could be no other section of life after we were dead – actually like the lit light being put off & there is no hope. Some accept there is resurrection. Some accept there is a different universe either paradise or damnation is anticipating us and so forth In the event that there is another part of life after our actual demise, how we plan/don’t plan for the new section may impact the motivation behind our lives in this actual world. As the platitude goes – in the event that we neglect to design, we plan to fail.